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We wanted to be different and work where we lived....

Fools of Desire is an exciting licensed café in the heart of Rangiora. Serving breakfast and lunch operating with a focus on sourcing local and seasonal produce, and using free range, fair trade, organic and ethical products!


• Come and check out the in-house bee hive.  Watch the bees from behind glass.



• We're passionate about supporting our community


Shout our to our local suppliers:

  • Benzie Free Range Eggs

  • Stony Creek Breads

  • The Butchers Mistress

  • Karikaas

  • Lovat Downs Venison

  • North Canterbury Seafood Market

  • Greystone Wines

  • Georges Road Wines

  • Eagle Brewing


  • We're passionate about taking care of the environment and so we've installed solar panels on the roof powering our 100% LED lighting. We challenge other local businesses to do the same!




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