Buy your coffee tab at Fools of Desire. Then phone us to order and pickup from us in Conway Lane! Hot, fresh and cofffelicious! For big orders we can deliver, call us on 03 3108133 in Rangiora town! By buying voucher you create a pre paid tab, when you order we will just take the cost of the coffee off your tab! Make sure you call to specify a time.

Pre Paid Coffee Voucher

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  • Because of the Covid restrictions, and because of the nature of coffee - it has to be fresh and hot, we have come up with a system! You can purchase a pre paid tab which will sit on our system, you can then call us on 03 3108133 to order your coffee/s and specify a time for pickup. We will either have it ready for you or make it fresh on arrival and take the price off your tab. Or if you don't want to have a pre paid tab just call us with your order and you can pay at our pickup/pay window via Paywave (if you have a credit card/debit card)! We can take cash but it must be exact change!

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